Neuroeconomic theory: Using neuroscience to understand the bounds of rationality

Más, sobre una de las áreas que probablemente crezca con mayor rapidez dentro la disciplina.Siempre pienso qué pensaría Herbert Simon al respecto. Me quedo con este párrafo del artículo:
"The objective of neuroeconomic theory is to build models based on evidence from the brain sciences, such as experimental neuroeconomics, but also other fields in neuroscience and neurobiology. Measurement of brain activity provides information about the underlying mechanisms used by the brain during choice processes. In particular, it shows which brain regions are activated when a decision is made and how these regions interact with each other. This knowledge can then be used to build a model that represents this particular mechanism. Contrary to behavioural economics, the model does not rely on introspection or plausible assumptions but rather on an existing and documented biological property of the brain."

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